In addition to carpeting and wood flooring as discussed in Part 1 of our flooring in interior design , there are a variety of natural and man made hard surface options that may fit your residential flooring needs.

… which material works for you?

Natural stone materials such as marble, granite, limestone and slate are suitable for flooring use and can add a great deal of architectural interest to any space depending on the color, product size and pattern chosen. Each type of natural stone has its own set of inherent qualities and each varies in how it should be used, however, in general these products are easy to clean and if properly maintained are resistant to spills and stains. Most natural stone requires maintenance such as regular sealing. There are various natural stone finishes to choose from including flamed (rough finish), honed and polished. Keep in mind that the flamed and honed finishes will have a higher coefficient of friction while polished stone will be more slippery, especially when wet.

Ceramic and Porcelain tile are typically less expensive than natural stone flooring and require less maintenance. These materials are a great option for heavy traffic areas especially in laundry rooms, mudrooms and entry spaces. All tile floors are cold under foot which makes this type of flooring a good candidate for being paired with a radiant heating system.

Concrete flooring has become popular in modern homes and has a sleek minimal look. Concrete can be dyed a myriad of colors to create a unique look that works with any palette. Relatively low maintenance, concrete can be sealed and waxed to help protect the material. Concrete will resist scratching, will clean easily and is incredibly durable.

While the aforementioned materials are some of the most common flooring choices, there are many more options on the market. Luxury vinyl flooring is affordable, durable, low-maintenance and easy to clean. It is a great option for laundry rooms, mudrooms and basements. Rubber and other resilient flooring is an excellent option for playrooms or home gyms. Products such as cork and bamboo provide sustainable options that mirror many of the qualities of a wood floor. For a full understanding of flooring options and associated benefits we recommend that you consult a trusted design professional who can provide advice based on your unique needs.

To learn more about additional options such as Carpeting and Hardwood Flooring, please reference article: Flooring Material: Carpeting & Hardwood Floors.


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