Kitchen Interior Design

Kitchen Designs: Vivian Soliemani Design embraces the creative process of designing both beautiful and highly functional kitchens. VSol Design invests time interviewing each client so that we know exactly how you see yourself using the space. This means that each and every decision is informed by the your personal needs. The foundation of the kitchen design is the development of a successful layout. The resulting floor plan will possess strong working adjacencies which insure that tasks can be completed efficiently and enjoyably. The design team will design custom cabinets that cater to your needs and will outfit them with a myriad of fittings and pull-outs to further enhance the functionality of the space. Our experienced design team will provide you with insight on plumbing, appliances and materials. We will guide you through the selection process, offering various options as necessary and ultimately coordinating a detailed specification package. We will pull together a full materials palette for your kitchen which embraces aesthetic beauty while balancing functionality. In the end we strive to create a space that is uniquely suited to your needs and strikingly beautiful to the eye.

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