Selecting furniture for your home is an exciting venture, but too often people become overwhelmed by the task.

The Selection Process:

Taking the time to do basic planning will streamline the process, keep you organized and insure that the end result meets your expectations. Begin by developing a furniture plan. An interior designer will help you layout furniture within the space so that it works for you and your lifestyle. The furniture plan forms a road map for your furniture selection process, helps you develop a concrete list of the items you need and guides you to select pieces that are guaranteed to fit into the space. If you are not working with an interior designer consider making a simple furniture plan yourself.

Now that you have your furniture plan settled you know exactly which pieces you need and where they will go. It is time to go shopping- Consider your furniture options: custom, semi-custom, or in-stock.

Interior Design Advising:

When it comes to specifying and procuring fully custom furniture, your interior designer is your best friend. The benefit of going fully custom is that the form, size, fabric, finish, fill and detailing will be exactly what you want. You can expect custom furniture to have a long lead time, sometimes as much as 16 weeks, and a long list of details that you need to specify to insure that the end product is exactly what you expect. There are rarely returns on custom furniture so it is recommended that you utilize a designer to help guide you through the process.

Semi-custom furniture is available through many retailers both online and in-store. This direction gives you control over some aspects, typically color, finish & a few alternate sizes, but has limited flexibility. This is a great way to get a piece that fits your space well without diving into the world of fully custom furniture. You can expect a “semi-custom” price tag as well- These items will typically be more cost effective than the fully custom alternative and are often available within 4 to 8 weeks.

If you are shopping for end tables, lamps or a piece with fairly standard proportions you may be able to choose from “in-stock” furniture options. In some instances you may be able to walk off the showroom or retail floor with this item. In other cases you may expect a lead time between 1 to 4 weeks.

Furnishing Consulting Samples:

See some recent samples of Vivian Soliemani Design Coloring & Furnishing – Interior Design advisement within completed projects.

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