Interior Design Services

Bringing the Bay Area interior designed home of your dreams into reality.

What we do

Our firm’s services include: Design of interior, planning, management, furnishing, lighting, color, art, purchasing and installation. Our scope of involvement in custom design projects is really driven by the client. VSOL, enjoys being involved in the project from the initial planning stages all the way through to the final touches, however we recognize that not every client is looking for that level of service. VSOL has the resources to contribute on a variety of levels, whether doing a full service custom home design or specific remodel work, our goal is to exceed client’s expectations.

How we do it

To keep all of these details organized we have a well-developed system of drawing sets and design packages. We’ve found that our projects run smoothly when we have a fairly comprehensive design set to hand off to the contractor early in the process. In regards to value engineering, the best starting point is for us to have a good understanding of your budget. We will then work closely with the contractor to understand where we need to make smart decisions so that we stay unified and consistent to reach the project goals.

Interior Design Services

Hire a complete and comprehensive Bay Area interior design company to handle all the elements of your project. It starts with an Extensive Design Plan, held together through experienced Project & Client Support, and wrapped up with Purchasing and Installation Oversight. In between we help the client work out Lighting Design, Furnishings & Fixture Design, as well as Color Palette & Art Accessory Design advising.

Extensive Design Plan

We provide conceptual design, space planning, interior detailing, 3D renderings and construction documentation services. Making us a true full interior design firm.

Project Management

We provide construction oversight, consultant coordination, and bidding assistance, while managing all project consultants and providing client support.

Lighting Design

Providing lighting plans, close work with electrical consultants, decorative architectural fixtures, and custom fixture design.

Furnishing Design

Custom cabinetry, furniture design & detailing, carpeting, textiles, window treatment design, & finishing specs.

Color & Art Design

We provide in house interior and exterior color advising, as well as art and accessory design consulting.

Purchasing & Install

Cohesive coordination with showrooms and vendors from purcahsing to delivery, to final oversight & placement.