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Breaking Down Grout Selection

When remodeling, many people devote a great amount of time to selecting materials, including tile, for their home. While pouring over tile samples be sure to consider an often overlooked detail that can have a huge aesthetic impact on the final outcome: The grout. We will be breaking down your grout selection into three categories: grout joints, grout type, and grout color.

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Creating a Captivating Dining Space

There are various elements that contribute to a captivating and comfortable dining space, however, the item that you and your guests will directly interact with on a regular basis is your furniture. How can we select dining furniture that fosters great meals and lingering conversations?

Dining Table Interior Design
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Five Steps to a Successful Mudroom

As we muddle through the winter season we often must deal with less than ideal weather conditions. If there is one place in our home where the ramifications of poor weather affects us most, it is in the mudroom. Working out of Los Gatos, Ca, we don’t see too many cold weather months, but we do see our share of rain and mud from the mountainous terrain.  We have worked with homeowners in Lake Tahoe, Napa, and outside of California, and the conditions can get more acute in other parts of the country. If you are located in an area where dirt, mud, salt or snow is prevalent than it is best to be smart about the design of this space. 

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Interior Design Fundamentals: Paint

Interior Paint – Every project is unique and so is the process of selecting paint colors. A house with an open plan and a minimal aesthetic may have only one or two different paint colors throughout, while another home may have a different color in each room. Regardless of which category you fall in, there are a few general rules of thumb that always apply.

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Interior Design – Area Rug Construction

In the market for a new area rug?

Enriching your interior design scheme with a rug requires some research and planning. Aside from size and material content, the main determining factor of a rugs cost, quality and durability is the construction.

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Flooring Material: Carpeting & Hardwood Floors

Learn about the important factors involved with choosing flooring. Deciding between carpeting or hardwood flooring has as much to do with wood or carpet aesthetic appeal or material cost, as it does with functional usage & durability overtime. We will discuss two common flooring types: Carpeted Floors and Hardwood Floors.

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Establishing the Ultimate Outdoor Kitchen

Summer is here and grills are firing up across the country. Over the last few years we have noticed that many of our clients are interested in doing more than setting up a grill in their backyard, they want a designated outdoor kitchen that caters to the needs of the serious entertainer.

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