Interior Design: Art & Accessories

Art & Accessory Design: At Vivian Soliemani Design we believe that every step of the interior design process is important. While personalized art collecting and the thoughtful selection of accessories is often done at the end of a project, both are truly an integral part of the process and their impact on the end product cannot be minimized.

We are happy to offer art and accessory procurement services for all of our interior and exterior design clients. Whether you need help curating an art collection or you just need assistance with the finishing touches to your interior design, we are happy to lend a hand. VSol has fostered an extensive network of artists and dealers and is always looking at new talent as well. The team at Vivian Soliemani Design will coordinate viewings in gallery or at home, source selections of accessories from a variety of showrooms and retailers and will facilitate framing services as well as final installation.

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