Exterior Design: Architecture & Landscaping

Exterior Design:Vivian Soliemani Design loves the challenge of creating dynamic and inviting outdoor areas. We pride ourselves on our ability to foster an indoor-outdoor lifestyle by closely collaborating with architects and utilizing the strengths of the existing site to connect the inside and outside of your home. While developing your exterior space plan the VSol design team will carefully connect spaces of similar programmatic functions to guarantee a logical flow from inside to outside as well as from one outdoor area to the next. VSol believes in treating the interior and exterior as one unit and will insure that the outdoor living area feels like an extension or your home. Our design team has experience specifying finishes, furniture and lighting that is appropriate for your outdoor environment no matter what the climate. We are skilled at integrating exterior sound systems, heating elements and shade structures such as umbrellas, exterior drapery and cabanas. Whether you intend to utilize the outdoors to as a place to play, dine or just lounge, we can create a space that right for you and your family.

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