The powder room is a great design opportunity where bold decisions have maximum impact. It is also an important room to get right. A large percentage of your guests, whether they are visiting for a cocktail or staying for a few nights, will frequent your powder room. Consider taking some design risks in this intimate space.

Be Daring, be Bold:

You may hesitate to clad your entire master bathroom with a bold graphic tile, but a powder room is the perfect canvas for a bold selection. This is a great time to utilize a material you really love. Your favorite patterned wallpaper may be a little pricey, but you won’t need much to wrap the walls of the powder room and make a major statement. Powder room vanities are typically on the smaller side so this is a great time to pick over the remnant stock at your local slab yard. Lighting in this room is more of a decorative choice than a utilitarian selection, so find a fixture that plays up your design goals for the space- whether that means a minimal fixture tucked into the recess of a mirror or a chandelier that acts as a major focal point. Many powder rooms are on the first floor and have at least one window, be sure to provide an effective window covering solution that will provide your guests with a sense of privacy and security. Utilizing a few thoughtful touches can make your powder room especially welcoming. Think about the special elements that are present at a well appointed hotel: neatly wrapped soaps, carefully folded hand towels in a smart dish and a coordinated vanity set. Make an effort to keep your personal toiletry items at bay so that each guest who steps into the bathroom feels like the space is intended for them.

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