Vivian Soliemani Design Inc.:

See a informative Q&A session with Vsol Design Inc. founder, Vivian Soliemani.

Most important design influencers?

I was educated in England, so I take a lot of influence from European contemporary design. I enjoy clean lines, not too much moulding. I am inspired by the San Jose airport. It has very clean lines…it’s Gensler’s design. I can relate to that.

Most interesting project you’ve worked on?

Recently all the projects I am doing are near Lake Tahoe, in Martis Camp (a private luxury real estate community). We’re doing contemporary homes that are really exciting. I’m also doing a commercial job in Hong Kong. It’s a showroom for a client. There will be five different showrooms and office space.


Who are your design heroes?

Christian Liaigre. He’s a French designer. I love his clean lines and his colors. I love the way he uses furniture and lighting. Everything is very crisp. The finishes he uses are just incredible.

How does California’s regulatory movement affect design?

I like what they are regulating. There was so much waste before. I like what’s happening with green buildings and Title 24 and what they’re using in terms of building materials. The industry used to have so much waste and no one was thinking about the environment. It’s also good to see fewer chemicals in paint.

Most important tools and technology you use?

Right now, SketchUp is very handy because clients start asking about visuals. The best tools right now show them what their house is going to look like before the work starts.

Most beautiful object you covet?

Natural stone. They’re all so different. They’re like pieces of art.

This is part of a series on Silicon Valley designers by Silicon Valley Business Journal- October 11th, 2013 vol 31, no 29 – Read more about Vsol Design here

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