Whether outfitting a closet with custom millwork or using an off the shelf system, here are a few basic steps to maximize storage space.

Here in Los Gatos, as interior designers, we see closets of all shapes and sizes, but no matter what, the goal is always the same: Utilize every square inch. While many of the same basic principles apply in storage areas throughout your home, for the sake of this article we will be focusing on bedroom storage. You can also see bedroom design and great room design concepts in relation to this topic at your leisure. Whether you plan on outfitting your closet with custom millwork or using an off the shelf system, we recommend that you follow a few basic steps to maximize your storage space.

Take inventory of your belongings paying attention to size and quantity.

Being aware of what you have will help determine how much of each storage type you need. Assign areas for double hanging, single hanging, shelving and drawers. Measure garments to determine required clearances and don’t forget to allow storage space for odd shaped items such as tall boots, hat boxes and the like.

Determine what you plan to store in your closet in addition to clothes and shoes.

While most bedroom closet space is utilized for clothing and shoes there are some additional items you may want to accommodate. Do you need a designated space for a watch winder, a safe, jewelry storage or a hamper? Perhaps you have a large collection of hats, scarves, glasses or other accessories that require specific storage needs. You should also consider whether or not you need to allocate space for a mirror or seating of any kind.

Consider what closet fittings will provide the greatest impact for you.

There are a myriad of fittings on the market that can be integrated into your closet for the utmost convenience. Belt, scarf and tie pull-outs can be installed to keep items organized and easy to access. A retractable valet rod is great when packing or laying out the next day’s clothes and a pull-out hamper will keep your laundry organized while insuring that your closet stays clean. There are great solutions for unique spatial challenges as well. Consider a spiral clothing rack to make the most out of an otherwise dead closet corner or utilize a pull-down clothing rod to take advantage of closet height.


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