Creating a Captivating Dining Space

Dining Table Interior Design

There are various elements that contribute to a captivating and comfortable dining space, however, the item that you and your guests will directly interact with on a regular basis is your furniture. How can we select dining furniture that fosters great meals and lingering conversations?


Five Steps to a Successful Mudroom

As we muddle through the winter season we often must deal with less than ideal weather conditions. If there is one place in our home where the ramifications of poor weather affects us most, it is in the mudroom. Working out of Los Gatos, Ca, we don’t see too many cold weather months, but we do… Read more »


Interior Design Fundamentals: Paint


Interior Paint – Every project is unique and so is the process of selecting paint colors. A house with an open plan and a minimal aesthetic may have only one or two different paint colors throughout, while another home may have a different color in each room. Regardless of which category you fall in, there… Read more »


Resilient Flooring Material: Stone, Tile, & Concrete


In addition to carpeting and wood flooring as discussed in Part 1 of our flooring in interior design , there are a variety of natural and man made hard surface options that may fit your residential flooring needs.


Interior Design – Area Rug Construction

In the market for a new area rug? Enriching your interior design scheme with a rug requires some research and planning. Aside from size and material content, the main determining factor of a rugs cost, quality and durability is the construction.


Making the Most Out of Your Closet


Whether outfitting a closet with custom millwork or using an off the shelf system, here are a few basic steps to maximize storage space.


Dynamic Living Spaces


Gone are the days of a formal receiving room or a parlor. It’s now more likely that you have a family room, sitting room, great room or playroom.


Creating Interior-Exterior Design Space


In order to get them most out of your home interior design, it is important to utilize every livable area, including the exterior space design. The best way to do this is to create dynamic and inviting interior-exterior areas.