In the market for a new area rug?

Enriching your interior design scheme with a rug requires some research and planning. Aside from size and material content, the main determining factor of a rugs cost, quality and durability is the construction. We will discuss four common rug types of rugs: hand-knotted, hand-tufted, hand-loomed and machine-made

Hand-knotted rugs:

Hand-knotted rugs are crafted by skilled artisans using techniques passed on through generations. These are the most expensive of any type of rug for good reason– they are beautiful, durable and hold their value. As the name implies, a hand-knotted rug is literally made up of a series of knots tied by hand, the yarns are then cut to form the pile of the rug. The more knots per inch, the higher the cost of the rug. A large hand-knotted rug may take over a year to make.

Hand-tufted rugs:

Hand-tufted rugs are made by hand using a tufting gun. Adhesive is applied to the back, followed by a backing material, then the yarns are cut or shaved to create the pile. These rugs can be made much more quickly and aren’t made “row by row,” thus allowing greater pattern flexibility. They are less expensive than hand-knotted rugs but will not last for generations or hold their value.

While hand-knotted and hand-tufted methods produce a rug with a pile, Hand-loomed rugs are woven on a loom and can create a variety of rugs styles such as pile rugs, flat woven, rag rugs, etc. These too are considerably less expensive than a hand-knotted rug, cost will vary based on on material content, detail of design and size of rug.

Machine-made rugs:

Machine-made rugs are also constructed on a loom, however, they are made by a programmable machine instead of by a craftsperson. These rugs are extremely economical though they lack the richness and durability of a hand-knotted rug. While hand-knotted and hand-tufted rugs are typically made from natural fibers such as wool, silk and cotton, machine-made rugs may be constructed out of natural or synthetic fibers. This makes machine-made rugs your go-to for outdoor floorcovering and other specialty applications.

As a closing note, some regions may have weather conditions to consider as well. For instance in Los Gatos, Ca there’s a warmer climate and less need for more cozy and insulating materials, like there might be in colder weather cities throughout the country.


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