Interior Design Fundamentals: Paint


Interior Paint – Every project is unique and so is the process of selecting paint colors. A house with an open plan and a minimal aesthetic may have only one or two different paint colors throughout, while another home may have a different color in each room. Regardless of which category you fall in, there… Read more »


Interior Design – Area Rug Construction

In the market for a new area rug? Enriching your interior design scheme with a rug requires some research and planning. Aside from size and material content, the main determining factor of a rugs cost, quality and durability is the construction.


Selecting Furniture: A Basic Overview


Selecting furniture for your home is an exciting venture, but too often people become overwhelmed by the task. Taking the time to do basic planning will streamline the process, keep you organized and insure that the end result meets your expectations. Begin by developing a furniture plan.


Designing with Wallcovering

Bathroom Design interior

Interior design options sometimes include wallcoverings over traditional paint & texture. Most people are aware that wallcovering went through a bit of a rough patch.